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Bukshtab M.
   Applied Photometry, Radiometry and Measurements of Optical Losses / Bukshtab M. - Dordrecht : Springer, 2012. - 712 p. : ill. - Библиогр. p. 653-690. - ISBN 978-94-007-2164-7.

Applied Photometry, Radiometry, аnd Measurements of Optical Losses reviews and analyzes physical concepts of radiation transfer, providing quantitative foundation for the means of mеаsurеmеnts of optical losses, which affect propagation and distriblltion of light waves in various media and in diverse optical systems and components. Thе comprehensive analysis оf advanced methodologies for low-loss detection is outlined in comparison with the classic photometric and radiometric observations, having а broad range оf techniques examined and summarized: from interferometric and calorimetric, resonator and polarization, phase-shift and ring-down decay, wavelength and frequency modulation to pulse separation and resonant, acousto-optic and emissive - sllbseqllently compared to direct and balancing methods for studying free-space and polarization optics, fibers and wavegllides. Thе material is focused оn applying optical methods and ргосеdurеs for evaluation of transparent, reflecting, scattering, absorbing, and aggregated objects, and for determination оf power and energy parameters оf radiation and color properties of light.

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