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Ксенофонтов Б. С., Титов К. В.
   Очистка сточных вод: компьютерные технологии в решении задач флотации с использованием моделей Ксенофонтова = Wastewater treatment: computer technologies in solving flotation tasks using Ksenofontov models : монография / Ксенофонтов Б. С., Титов К. В. - М. : Научная библиотека, 2022. - 261 с. : ил. - Текст книги на английском языке. - ISBN 978-5-907497-48-1.

Wastewater treatment is an integral part of almost any technological process, and therefore this discipline is universal for training developers of various levels and all areas (bachelors, masters, graduate students). The most important place in this direction is occupied by flotation, the efficiency of which increases dramatically with the use of computer technologies. These technologies in education, and especially in such an important area as the training of specialists in water purification, have already become difficult without computer mathematics systems.
In the proposed textbook, the main emphasis is placed on the computer presentation of mathematical methods for practical solution of wastewater treatment problems by flotation. In general, this approach is associated with the creation of electronic resources in education, methodological saturation and embedding of computer mathematics systems in educational technologies of universities.
The book is aimed at bachelors, masters, graduate students, teachers and specialists interested in computer mathematics in solving problems of flotation wastewater treatment, and is recommended for an enlarged group of specialties and directions 20.00.00 «Technospheric safety and environmental engineering».

628.31 Сточные воды. Свойства, обработка и очистка в целом
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