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Статья в журнале Zinin P. V.
Bykov A. A.
Machikhin A. S.
Troyan I. A.
Bulatov K. M.
Mantrova Y. V.
Batshev V. I. МГТУ
Gaponov M. I.
Kutuza I. B.
Rashchenko S. V.
Measurement of the temperature distribution on the surface of the laser heated specimen in a diamond anvil cell system by the tandem imaging acousto-optical filter High Pressure Research
2019 .- Vol. 39 , Issue 1 .- С. 131 - 149
Статья в журнале Zimin V. N. МГТУ
Nerovnyi N. A. МГТУ
On the analysis of a rotating solar sail Mechanics of Solids
2017 .- Vol. 52 , Issue 2 .- С. 195 - 199
Материал конференции Zimin V. N. МГТУ
Zikun Z. МГТУ
Krylov A. V. МГТУ
Churilin S. A. МГТУ
Mathematical modeling of the deployment of a large transformable space structure AIP Conference Proceedings
Материал конференции Zimin A. M. МГТУ
Troynov V. МГТУ
Zemtsov I. A. МГТУ
Upgraded Plasma Spectroscopy Internet Laboratory Proceedings of the 2019 5th Experiment at International Conference
2019 .- С. 204 - 207 .- Art.no 8876541
Статья в журнале Zimin A. M. МГТУ
Shumov A. V. МГТУ
Troynov V. I. МГТУ
Zemtsov I. A. МГТУ
Remote registration and analysis of emission spectra in the internet laboratory for plasma diagnostics and nanotechnologies Problems of Atomic Science and Technology, Series Thermonuclear Fusion
2020 .- Vol. 43 , Issue 1 .- С. 84 - 94
Статья в журнале Zimin A. M. МГТУ
Shumov A. V. МГТУ
Troynov V. I. МГТУ
Zemtsov I. A. МГТУ
Online plasma diagnostics in the remote spectroscopy laboratory for practical training and experimental research Information (Switzerland)
2020 .- Vol. 11 , Issue 1 .- Art.no 9
Статья в журнале Zimin A. M. МГТУ
Krupin V. A.
Troinov V. I. МГТУ
Klyuchnikov L. A.
Molecular emission in the edge plasma of T-10 tokamak Physics of Atomic Nuclei
2015 .- Vol. 78 , Issue 12 : Volume 78, Issue 12, pp 1319-1325 .- С. 1319 - 1325
Материал конференции Zikun Z. МГТУ
Zimin V. N. МГТУ
Krylov A. V. МГТУ
Churilin S. A. МГТУ
Investigation of dynamics of transformable space structure movement AIP Conference Proceedings
2019 .- Vol. 2103 .- Art.no 020020
Статья в журнале Zigangirova N. A.
Kost E. A.
Didenko L. V.
Kapotina L. N.
Zayakin E. S.
Luyksaar S. I.
Morgunova E. Y.
Fedina, E. D.
Artyukhova O. A. МГТУ
Samorodov A. V. МГТУ
Kobets, N. V.
A small-molecule compound belonging to a class of 2,4-disubstituted 1,3,4-thiadiazine-5-ones inhibits intracellular growth and persistence of chlamydia trachomatis Journal of Medical Microbiology
2016 .- Vol. 65 , Issue 1 .- С. 91 - 98
Статья в журнале Zhurov A. I.
Polyanin A. D. МГТУ
Symmetry reductions and new functional separable solutions of nonlinear Klein-Gordon and telegraph type equations Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics
2020 .- Vol. 27 , Issue 2 .- С. 227 - 242
Статья в журнале Zhuravlev A. V. МГТУ
Razevig V. V. МГТУ
Ivashov S. I. МГТУ
Skrebkov A.
Alekseev V.
On the use of microwave holography to detect surface defects of rails and measure the rail profile Sensors (Switzerland)
2019 .- Vol. 19 , Issue 6 .- Art.no 1376
Статья в журнале Zhurakovskii V. N. МГТУ
Silin S. I. МГТУ
Synthesis of an Adaptive Detector in the Spectral Domain Journal of Communications Technology and Electronics
2018 .- Vol. 63 , Issue 12 .- С. 1386 - 1392
Статья в журнале Zhumaev Z. S. МГТУ
Shcheglov G. A. МГТУ
Operations dynamics analysis of solar thermal propulsion for CubeSats Advances in Space Research
2019 .- Vol. 64 , Issue 4 .- С. 815 - 823
Материал конференции Zhulev V. МГТУ
Kuts M. S. МГТУ
Contact models verification by the finite element model updating method based on the calculation of the sensitivity coefficient MATEC Web of Conferences
2018 .- Vol. 226 : 14th International Scientific-Technical Conference "Dynamic of Technical Systems" .- С. 1 - 9 .- Art.no 02008
Материал конференции Zhukova G. S. МГТУ
Asymptotic methods for solving boundary value eigenvalue problems E3S Web of Conference
2020 .- Vol. 164 .- Art.no 09022
Статья в журнале Zhukov Igor
Mikhaylov Dmitry МГТУ
Zuykov Alexander
Boruchinkin Alexander
Filimontsev Alexander
Kalintsev Nikolay
Lukyanenko Leonid
Yokhin Mikhail
Overview on Identification of Marks of Subscriber Secret Location Tracking in Wireless Communications Networks Journal of theoretical and applied information technology
2015 .- Vol. 75 , No 3 .- С. 405 - 410
Статья в журнале Zhukov A. D. МГТУ
Grigoriev M. V. МГТУ
Danilov V. N.
Calculating acoustic channel for a crack-like corrosion–mechanical defect Russian Journal of Nondestructive Testing
2019 .- Vol. 55 , Issue 7 .- С. 489 - 498
Статья в журнале Zhuikov V. A.
Bonartsev A. P.
Bagrov D. V.
Bessonov I. V. МГТУ
Kopitsyna M. N. МГТУ
Morozov A. S. МГТУ
Mechanics and surface ultrastructure changes of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) films during enzymatic degradation in pancreatic lipase solution Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals
2017 .- Vol. 648 , Issue 1 .- С. 236 - 243
Материал конференции Zhorina L. V. МГТУ
Derkach M. МГТУ
Kapravchuk V. МГТУ
Zmievskoy G. N. МГТУ
Akopyan V. МГТУ
Thermographic Study of the Possibility of Using Optical Radiation and Point Vibrations for Physiotherapy Proceedings - 2020 Ural Symposium on Biomedical Engineering, Radioelectronics and Information Technology, USBEREIT 2020
2020 .- С. 0215 - 0218 .- Art.no 9117705
Материал конференции Zhorina L. V. МГТУ
Stepanova I. E. МГТУ
Kerimov I.
Relaxation Oscillations of the Human Body Surface Temperature after External Impacts IEEE
2020 .- С. 191 - 194 .- Art.no 9117636
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